Let me be your cigarette, 
you can put me right between your teeth and smoke me when you’re stressed 
or when you simply miss the taste of my breath

Inhale me right in and make a home for me in your lungs rather than your rib cage,
 a heart is never enough for love nowadays — they say.

So darling won’t you light me up and never quit me, show me how far
 you’d go for me.

For all i seek is to be something that you’re addicted to.

With no promises made, no pretty lies and dying forevers.

Only a cigarette that’s enough to put you in the grave one day.

While knowing that, yet trusting that it won’t while knowing that, yet not caring if it will

How beautiful a love like that could be?

So baby let me be your cigarette, one you smoke day after day.

Inhale me all in till i eventually take all your breath away.

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